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Should academic writing assignments foster translingual writing practices? (Engaging Controversies)

Friday, March 3, 2017 -
9:00am to 10:15am

12 Nicholson Hall (East Bank)

With over 7,000 international students from 142 countries and an increasingly diverse population of multilingual speakers, the University of Minnesota is committed to being an inclusive and global institution. Such commitments raise important questions about how best to support student writers and the linguistic diversity they bring. Should writing assignments and assessments foster translingual writing practices (integrating multiple languages in constructing and negotiating meaning), or does translingualism work against other educational goals? What writing practices are most effective, inclusive, equitable, and practical for students in our classes? Let’s read and discuss. 
Facilitated by Matthew Luskey (Center for Writing)

We encourage you to read the provided texts in advance of the session to stimulate a thoughtful discussion:

"Language Difference in Writing: Toward a Translingual Approach" by Bruce Horner, Min-Zhan Lu, Jacqueline Jones Royster, and John Trimbur

"Challenging Languages; Challenging Form: Student Perspectives on Translingual Composing" by Jennifer Eidum Zinchuk

"What Should Colleges Teach? Part 3" by Stanley Fish

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