Developing Effective Online Learning Spaces: Online Seminars

Designing Online Courses – Fall 2018

Macintosh HD:Users:alexa032:Desktop:browser.pngDates: 11 October to 16 November 2018. The Canvas site opens 4 October. 
Audience: System-wide University of Minnesota faculty and staff.
Format: Blended using Canvas and WebEx for 4 synchronous discussion forums.
Successful completion: Participants who are active in all online discussion forums, who regularly participate in WebEx sessions, and who share a presentation will be awarded $200 in professional development funds. 

This 5-week online seminar for University of Minnesota instructors is set up in Canvas so that you can explore, experience, analyse, and try out pedagogical practices that you might incorporate as you (re)design your online or hybrid courses. In this way, you will experience Canvas as would a student.

Throughout the seminar, you will explore ways of applying course design principles with support from CEI consultants, experienced in online teaching and course design, who lead 4 synchronous WebEx practice-oriented conversations, and who will join you in discussion forums throughout the seminar. The discussions forums provide opportunities to interact with readings and peers as you thoughtfully develop your ideas about creating online experiences that are fulfilling for you and compelling for your students. 

The seminar closes with each participant sharing a recorded presentation capturing their ideas about the “something new” they will implement in an upcoming course. 

This seminar is no longer accepting applications. Please consider applying for Advancing Engagement & Course Design in Spring 2019.

Advancing Engagement & Course Design – Spring 2019

Macintosh HD:Users:alexa032:Desktop:discussion (1).pngYou’ve taught an online or hybrid course in the past and have experience creating activities and interacting with students in those environments. Now what? If you’re interested in building your online teaching skills with a supportive group of colleagues, this seminar is for you.

The modules in the online seminar will address teacher-tested strategies for online discussion that move beyond “line up and answer”; practical ideas about creating online assignments, feedback, and evaluation options that engage learners; and effective practices teachers have developed to support team-based learning in online spaces.

You’ll engage this four-module seminar via Canvas to gain a sense of the student experience. In addition to exploring the topics mentioned above, you’ll have an opportunity to develop and present a new or revised teaching strategy that you plan to pilot in a future version of your course.

On successful completion of the seminar - active participation in the modules and presenting a teaching strategy - you will be awarded $200 in professional development funds.

Offered in Canvas systemwide. To receive a message when the application opens for this seminar, complete this form.


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