Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Faculty Program

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is an innovative way to engage in dialogue about global challenges. The purpose of COIL is to promote international learning opportunities for students at University of Minnesota campuses. COIL is an emerging practice that can potentially advance the University of Minnesota's international strategy, which includes internationalizing the curriculum

We are now accepting applications for the 2019-20 COIL Cohort. Participants in the COIL Faculty Program develop a COIL module in their course. By developing a COIL module, you can provide students with international experience and help them extend their perspective on challenges that reach beyond our borders.

2019-20 COIL Cohort

It takes time and energy to develop COIL modules. This year’s cohort is designed to make that work easier and more efficient by providing expert guidance and by marshaling the resources the university already provides for internationalizing the curriculum at a system and campus level.

Participants in the cohort will receive guidance and assistance for the active development of an international telecollaboration project. Cohort meetings will provide guidance and best practices in telecollaboration curriculum co-development.

The 2019-20 COIL Faculty Program will accept up to 8 faculty. $500 in Professional Development funds will be provided to faculty once the COIL module is delivered.

Working with International Partners

This year’s cohort will be different. We’re inviting faculty both with or without international partners to apply. In the fall, we’ll work with cohort members to establish and/or strengthen an international partnership to support a COIL project. We’ll connect faculty with ongoing partnership efforts and provide guidance on partnership development prior to the beginning of the spring semester.

Project Outcomes

  • A completed COILed module
  • A subset of common course goals co-developed with an international partner
  • Integration of opportunities for successful intercultural online interaction to achieve those course goals
  • An articulated plan that will prepare students for those interactions
  • Identification of skills necessary for successful project co-development
  • Demonstrated awareness of partner’s institution, academic and societal context
  • Articulated understanding of partner’s students’ expectations, and vice versa
  • Refined activities that enhance opportunities for cross-cultural learning

Project timeline

Fall Semester, 2019: 

  • December 12-13 Face-to-face Kickoff meeting, cohort participants will receive support for international partnership work with existing and potential partners. Location: UMD (hotel, transportation included for those traveling to Duluth)
  • Throughout the fall semester, participants will receive guidance on how to begin or strengthen a partnership to support their COIL work

Spring Semester, 2020:

  • 3 online cohort sessions (videoconference), dates to be determined, will be coordinated with participants schedule
  • May 2020, final individual meetings to review and revise the implementation plan, and a final 1.5 hour cohort meeting to review implementation plan with group (videoconference)


To Apply

Deadline: September 24, 2019
Application: Please briefly (600 words or less) respond to the prompts given in the application template. Email your completed application to Dan Nolan ( or Jeff Lindgren (


Please direct any questions to Dan Nolan, or Jeff Lindgren,

The University of Minnesota Collaborative Online International Learning Cohort is sponsored by the Center for Educational Innovation and the Global Programs & Strategy Alliance.

More Information and Support

Learn more about COIL at UMD or email to receive support for your COILed course or to simply ask questions about COIL.