Faculty and Instructors

Teaching in an Active Learning Classroom Faculty Learning Community

Are you new to teaching in an Active Learning Classroom (ALC) and want to be more knowledgeable about how to maximize student learning in the space? In the Teaching in an Active Learning Classroom Faculty Learning Community, you'll join fellow instructors in a year-long cohort and learn instructional approaches andcourse design strategies to make the most of the ALC affordances.    CEI staff and our University partners will assist you in designing or modifying curriculum to maximize learning in an ALC.

Early Career Teaching Program

The Early Career Teaching Program is designed to assist faculty members and instructional staff early in their careers to develop and enhance their teaching skills and establish a foundation for a lifetime of creative and engaging teaching. Participants attend monthly workshops facilitated by master teachers, who will model and teach a variety of effective pedagogical styles and methods. Participants also work one-to-one and in interdisciplinary small groups with one of the resource teachers (RTs), chosen because of their recognition as superior classroom teachers and their commitment to mentoring others.

Faculty, Instructors, Internationals of Color Community

The Faculty, Instructors, Internationals of Color Community invites faculty and instructors interested in discussing strategies about how the cultural identities of faculty of color and those from international backgrounds inform their professional lives. Research indicates that the professional and personal lives of faculty and instructors of color in academe are informed in numerous ways by their cultural identities. Students (majority and minority, domestic and international) often have different (though unstated) expectations for faculty and instructors of color. This community draws upon the experiences of participants in addition to research on cultural identity and teaching in higher education as we explore and support the teaching practice and professional lives of University faculty and instructors of color.