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GRAD 8101: Teaching in Higher Education

Course Goals

GRAD 8101 is designed and conducted with the intent of creating a "transformational" learning environment.  This three credit course is designed to help graduate students and post-doctoral fellows become responsive and reflective teachers.  The instructor, along with course participants, will model a variety of active learning strategies and facilitate discussions addressing educational theory and practice. By combining action and analysis, participants will explore and develop teaching skills that promote learning within a diverse student body across a variety of settings.

Course Objectives

As a result of taking this course, participants will be able to:

  • begin to articulate a philosophy of teaching
  • synthesize their academic and professional experience in a curriculum vitae
  • construct, apply, and interpret the results of assessment tools measuring student learning and teaching effectiveness
  • design a syllabus demonstrating the relationship between course objectives, content, and methodology
  • demonstrate knowledge of active learning theory and practice
  • analyze and manage classroom environments
  • gain comfort and confidence with regard to teaching

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