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Senior Teaching Fellows Program

Senior faculty members are invited to participate in this semester-based program on revitalizing and expanding their instructional skills. The Senior Teaching Fellows program is aimed at faculty who want to:

  • invest in professional renewal to advance their teaching practice 
  • redesign courses and activities using recent scholarship in the learning sciences
  • learn from fellow members and contribute to the wisdom of teaching practice 


Participants should be self-selected senior members of the faculty on the Twin Cities campus. No age or rank requirements have been established. The total number of participants will be capped at 15. A minimum of 8 is needed to conduct the program. 

Participants may come from any academic discipline, and a variety of backgrounds and experience levels are expected. Most importantly, the common characteristic across group members should be that they are ready for a change in their teaching---from reinvigorating their foundational skills to challenging their capacities for innovation.   Register.

Program Agenda

The program is envisioned as six bi-weekly, topic-based sessions. Participants should pre-register for the full program here although it is recognized that some may be unable to attend all sessions. A short presentation will initiate each session, followed by small and large group discussion. A tentative list of topics is below:

  • Small adjustments to teaching with big impact
  • What the best college teachers do
  • Developing memorable presentations
  • Improving lecture-based teaching
  • Motivation: Energizing the college classroom
  • Using technology wisely and effectively

One-to-one consultations are also available and encouraged at any time in your office or a mutually–agreed location. 


A brown-bag lunchtime schedule (12:00-1:00pm) is listed below. Dessert will be provided. Meetings will be held in room 444, University Office Plaza (2221 University Ave SE). Projected dates follow, all on Mondays:

September 11

September 25

October 9

October 23

November 6

November 20



David Langley is an Education Program Specialist at the Center for Educational Innovation. He has been a staff member at the U’s teaching center for over 10 years and served as the director of two teaching centers for nearly 12 years. David was a faculty member in kinesiology for two decades and has taught over 300 university courses from his years as a teaching assistant through the faculty role. He is currently staffing professional development programs at the system campuses (Crookston, Duluth, Morris, and Rochester) and also provides workshops and service on the Twin Cities campus.

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