Teaching Assistant Professional Development Program

The Teaching Assistant Professional Development (TAPD) program offers teaching assistants and graduate students a venue to be formally recognized for their investment in their professional development. Participants who successfully complete the required elements of the program will receive a formal letter for recognition from the Center for Educational Innovation.

To receive a formal letter of recognition for completing the program, participants must:

  • Register for the program.
  • Attend a total of six workshops over a two year period.
    • Workshops must include one from each of the following categories: Learning & Learners, Course Design, Delivery Strategies, and Assignments and Assessments in addition to two electives.
    • Workshops from the Teaching Enrichment Series may also be used to fulfill the requirements.
  • Submit a reflective essay or consult with a CEI staff member and arrange for a student feedback by consensus session.

Workshop offerings for the 2016-2017 academic year

Learning & Learners Course Design (Pedagogy) Delivery Strategies (Pedagogy) Assessment & Assignments

Class Dynamics

Homework not Busywork

Learning Sciences


Becoming an Instructor of Record

Inclusive Teaching and Learning

Course Design for Different Learning Spaces

Discussions that Work

Active Learning 101

Teaching with Technology

Getting Feedback You Can Use

Grading Strategies

Creating Effective Assignments