GRAD 5102 & GRAD 5105

International Teaching Assistant Program Courses

GRAD 5102: Preparation for University Teaching for Nonnative Speakers of English is for students who have an ELP (English Language Proficiency) rating of 4. This course focuses on interactive, evidence-based teaching and communication strategies that will help you be a successful TA. Each week, you'll attend a one-hour workshop and a one-hour language lab session. By successfully completing this course, you'll be able to:

  • identify and use strategies for effective organization and interaction in the classroom,
  • identify and demonstrate behaviors that create rapport,
  • identify and apply strategies for effective use of visual aids,
  • develop awareness of cross-cultural communication issues,
  • critically reflect on your language performance and develop a learning plan for how to continue to improve, and
  • combine the skills learned throughout the semester into a cohesive, effective lesson.

Sample GRAD 5102 syllabus


GRAD 5105: Practicum in University Teaching for Nonnative English Speakers 5105 focuses on the application of teaching and learning theories in an authentic classroom situation. This course is for international students with an English Language Proficiency rating of 2. You'll participate in an interactive, one-hour lecture each week, during which you'll discuss research and topics associated with teaching and learning. The weekly one-hour practicum is designed to help you improve your teaching and oral communication skills. Upon sucessful completion of this course, you'll be able to:

  • relate critical reflection to effective teaching & learning,
  • identify and appropriate language for use with your University of Minnesota students,
  • articulate clearly and speak comprehensibly using both technical and non-technical terms,
  • engage students through active listening and effective questioning,
  • recognize cross-cultural similarities and differences in teaching/learning, and
  • identify and use basic presentation strategies.

Sample GRAD 5105 syllabus

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