GRAD 8200: Teaching and Learning Topics in Higher Education

GRAD 8200 topics courses offer students a focused exploration of topics related to teaching and learning in higher education. These one-credit courses have a typical workload of approximately fifty hours across the semester.

GRAD 8200: Teaching for Learning: An Online Course

This web-based course is a one-credit version of content covered in GRAD 8101. Using a case study approach, you will work through scenarios that feature characters who face professional and personal challenges very similar to those faced by instructors teaching in higher education. Resources and assignments enable you to expand your skills as a learning-centered instructor. Topics include syllabus design, grading, dealing with difficult student situations, and balancing multiple roles.  

GRAD 8200: Multicultural Inclusive Learning and Teaching (MILT) 

This online seminar is designed for current and future higher education instructors. The seminar brings together higher education professionals to learn, share, and develop strategies for cultivating learning and teaching practices that support a broad range of learners.

As an open seminar, you may opt to enroll for course credit or to enroll as a participant who will earn a certificate of participation for engaging in seminar discussions and activities. Participants enrolled for course credit will complete all forum discussion and activities, and one additional pedagogical activities to earn a “B" grade, or two additional pedagogical activities to earn an "A" grade.