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Quality Standards

Guided by data from the 2015 Digital Campus Steering Committee Online Program Benchmarking Report and other sources, CEI is engaging with partners across the University system to ensure quality in U of M online and blended programs.

Nationally recognized, evidence-based quality standards used in this work include the following:

  • OLC Quality Scorecard: Criteria for Excellence in the Administration of Online Programs.
    • For new programs, the Scorecard can be used as a checklist for quality program development.
    • For existing programs, Scorecard results can be used to (1) plan for continuous improvement of the online program and (2) demonstrate elements of quality within the program, as well as an overall level of quality, to higher education accrediting bodies.
  • Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric, Fifth Edition, 2014 is a nationally recognized set of 8 General Standards and 43 Specific Review Standards used to evaluate the design of online and blended courses. The CEI-sponsored U of M membership allows for use of the QM Rubric in self-reviews or in either internal or external peer reviews. See our instructions for accessing Quality Matters materials

Some academic units at the U have developed their own approaches to quality standards, including "The Check," developed and used by CEHD.  The Check is a guide to help instructors create instructionally effective and user-friendly course sites for students (online, hybrid, or face-to-face courses). The Check can be used at any point in the course development process—when designing a new course or to evaluate an existing course. The Check was written in accessible language and lists considerations appropriate for most areas of study.

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