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Current Status

During the 2016-17 academic year, online and blended learning continued to grow at the University of Minnesota. The University now has more than 50 online and blended learning programs through its five campuses. The number of students taking at least one completely online course was up five percent over the previous year.

In 2015, the Center for Educational Innovation embarked on a benchmarking effort to identify the highest priority areas for investment and process change to better support the development and delivery of online and blended programs. For more information, contact

2016-17 Courses





UM Crookston
Completely Online 407 7,252 1,626
Primarily Online 0 0 0
Partially Online 0 0 0
UM Duluth
Completely Online 333 7,008 3,793
Primarily Online 44 649 335
Partially Online 148 3,860 2,325
UM Morris
Completely Online 34 463 336
Primarily Online 0 0 0
Partially Online 3 20 20
UM Twin Cities (includes UM Rochester)
Completely Online 1,240 39,593 18,748
Primarily Online 223 4,661 2,571
Partially Online 302 7869 5275
UM System Totals
Completely Online 2,014 54,316 24,503
Primarily Online 267 5,310 2,906
Partially Online 448 12,464 8,321

Delivery Mode Explanation

Completely Online:                    No in-person meetings.

Completely Online (Non-term):  Same as above, but 9 mo. completion. Not financial aid eligible.

Primarily Online:                        1-3 face-to-face meetings.

Partially Online:                          More than 3 face-to-face meetings.

Data Explanation

# of Courses:                             Each course (i.e., HIST 1001) counted once per term per section.

Total Enrollment:                       Individual student counted once per course section per term.

Unique Enrollment:                    Individual student counted once per course type per year.



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