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Quality Matters (QM) is a research-based national benchmark aimed at improving student learning experiences in online programs and courses. The QM curriculum introduces faculty and instructional staff to best practices in instructional design, provides rubrics for assessing online course design, and outlines a peer-review process for continuous improvement of online and hybrid courses. As part of the University's joint membership with Minnesota State and the Minnesota Department of Education, U of M faculty and staff receive free or discounted resources such as QM rubric workbooks, workshops, and course reviews.

Accessing Quality Matters Resources

To access QM resources you must first set up a personal account on QM's secure website, MyQM.

  • Quality Matters Rubrics and Standards
    • Higher Education Rubric. The Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric, Fifth Edition, 2014 is a set of 8 General Standards and 43 Specific Review Standards used to evaluate the design of online and blended courses. Once you have established your MyQM account you can download the Standards for single use at no charge.
    • Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) Rubric. The CPE Rubric can be used to assist the design and evalution of online and blended courses that have pass/fail, skills-based or other completion or certification criteria, but do not carry academic credit.
  • QM Professional Development. Quality Matters Professional development is available at a discount for U of M faculty, staff, and administrators using a credit card.  You can view workshop availability and register through QM's schedule of online courses and workshops.
  • QM Reviews and Certifications. The QM rubrics and online tools may be used at no charge for either self-reviews or informal reviews. QM-managed course reviews are offered for a fee.
    • The Self-Review tool can be used to assess your own course using QM standards. A Self Review Tool Video Tutorial can get you started.
    • Informal Reviews - Some academic units use the QM rubrics in an internal/informal review as a preliminary step fo prepare for a formal QM-managed review.
    • Course Reviews- Quality Matters manages a rigorous peer review process and provides a national database of quality faculty QM Peer Reviewers. Courses that successfully meet the QM Rubric Standards in an official QM-Managed Course Review are eligible for QM recognition.
  • QM Program Certification -The QM Program Certification process consists of four individual certifications that online Higher Education Programs may seek:
    • Online Program Design
    • Online Teaching Support
    • Online Learner Support
    • Online Learner Success
  • Quality Matters ResearchThe QM Research Library is a searchable online database of research literature that bears a relationship to the QM standardsA research toolkit and other research related resources are also available.
  • QM ResourcesQuality Matters offers a database of past conference presentations and other articles and resources related to quality assurance.


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