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Find the specific services you need to develop online courses or programs.

Service Area Contact Information
General Assistance developing online/blended courses and programs Systemwide: Center for Educational Innovation, or Bob RubinyiConsultation request.

Crookston: Academic Technology Support Services

Duluth: ITSS, Bruce Reeves
Academic Program Review and Approval (credit)  Academic Affairs and Provost's Office, Emily Ronning
Marketing - general information, feasibility assessment, research Center for Educational Innovation and CCE partners, or Bob RubinyiConsultation request.
Instructional Course Design and Development Systemwide: Center for Educational Innovation, or Bob RubinyiConsultation request.

Systemwide: Academic Technology Support Services,

Crookston: Academic Technology Suppport Services Debi Race

Duluth: ITSS, Bruce Reeves

Morris: Instructional Technology Services & Support, Pam Gades

Rochester: IT/ITV Support Services

Campus/CollegeAcademic Unit contacts
Intellectual Property Agreements Office of General Counsel, 612-626-9624
Copyright Assistance - fair use, protecting content, open resources U of M Libraries, Nancy Sims
Library Resources - technology, instructional, research, and publication support Twin Cities: Contact your subject librarian or Kate Peterson

Crookston: See a list of library staff members

Duluth: See the library directory

MorrisAsk a Librarian

RochesterMary Beth Sancomb-Moran
Technology Help Twin Cities: IT Helpline, 612-301-4357,

Crookston: Computer HelpDesk, 218-281-8000,

Duluth: ITSS Tech Center, 218-726-8847 

Morris: Helpdesk, 320-589-6150,

Rochester: ITSS, 507-258-8748,
Faculty and Staff Development - pedagogy and technology Systemwide: Center for Educational Innovation,

Twin CitiesOIT Technology Training

Campus/CollegeAcademic Unit contacts
Noncredit Registration listings (Destiny One) ASR-IT, Kristy Davis
Program Promotion - listing on University of Minnesota Online website and student contact center CCE Marketing, Mia Boos
Teaching Online - consultation Center for Educational Innovation, consultation request.

Academic Technology Support Services,
Program and Course Evaluation and Quality Review Center for Educational Innovation,

Consultation request.

Office of Measurement Services, contact form.
Selling Courses/Content to other institutions & organizations Office of Technology Commercialization, Andrew Morrow

External Sales, Keith Jansen
Policies Center for Educational Innovation, Bob Rubinyi


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