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Development Opportunities for Teaching Online

For more in-depth information about teaching online, consider the following development opportunities:

Online Learning Consortium (OLC)

Title Description
OLC Online Teaching Certificate Program A sequence of one foundation course and three electives leading from the conceptual to the implementation of online learning effectiveness best practices.
OLC Advanced Online Teaching Certificate For online faculty who wish to improve their online courses through the inclusion of active learning strategies, multimedia, and social media components, and stronger assessment practices.
OLC Mastery Series

Emphasizes theory and application of research on key topics:

  • Mobile Learning
  • Online Science Labs
  • Social Media
  • Blended Learning
  • Online Nursing
  • Instructional Design
  • Quality Scorecard
  • Leadership in Online Learning
OLC Excellence in Online Learning Workshops

Multiple workshop topics offered in both self-paced and facilitated (synchronous and asynchronous) methods.


Quality Matters (QM)

Title Description
QM Professional Development Workshops

The following workshops have no prerequisites and can be taken by anyone who is interested in improving the quality of online course design, and how to start teaching online:

Quality Matters Certifications

Quality Matters certification courses are rigorous and time intensive. Participants should be aware that certification courses are not workshops and have more demands in terms of assignments and assessments of learning.



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