Center for Educational Innovation

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Specific Challenges

The following sections address common challenges of ALCs as identified by faculty and instructors:

Room Issues

Aspects of the room design can pose problems for students and instructors new to them; this section discusses strategies for dealing with commonly identified issues.

Noise and Distractions

Read about strategies for coping with noise and some of the most common distractions instructors and students encounter in ALCs, including student socializing and inappropriate use of computers.

Group Work

This section provides tips to encourage productive group work in the ALCs, including the use of cooperative learning strategies.

Student Engagement

Student engagement is one of the keys to fostering a dynamic, productive learning environment; this section collects tips from experienced ALC instructors about ways to engage students.

Using the Technology

One of the features that makes ALCs so special is the technology integration in the rooms; this section discusses strategies for making the best of these high-tech spaces.

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