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GRAD 8200: Practicum for Future Faculty

GRAD 8200: Practicum for Future Faculty

Course Goals

This course is designed to give participants opportunities to apply the theories and methods learned in GRAD 8101, "Teaching in Higher Education," and to further enhance understandings of the faculty role in higher education.  To accomplish these goals, you will arrange a metro-area mentoring opportunity as part of this course. Participants will teach three class sessions and observe the faculty role with the guidance of their faculty mentor.  For information about planning for and arranging the mentorship, visit our Finding a Mentor page.

This one credit course is designed following a "blended" format.  It meets face-to-face four times during the semester; students should expect online course work between face-to-face sessions.   

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will have:

  • familiarity with a broad range of educational issues (e.g., promotion and tenure, the emergence of non-tenure hiring lines and their impact on the academy, the changing nature of academic institutions and faculty roles within them) and how those issues impact their career planning;
  • an increased understanding of institutional cultures and the responsibilities of faculty members at community colleges, baccalaureate colleges, master's colleges/universities, and doctoral research universities;
  • an increased understanding of what it means to be an academic professional and a colleague in a variety of institutional contexts;
  • an appreciation for the full range of faculty role and service activities at particular kinds of institutions by establishing a relationship with a faculty mentor at an area institution.

Prerequisite Information

GRAD 8101 is a prerequisite for admission to GRAD 8200 "Practicum for Future Faculty."  However, students who believe that they posses the knowledge and skills covered in GRAD 8101 either through course work, practical teaching experience, or both can petition for admission. In order to demonstrate equivalency, students should assemble a teaching portfolio to be distributed to the PFF coordinator (one copy is sufficient). Your portfolio must include the following:

  • A cover letter explaining how you demonstrate GRAD 8101 equivalency.
  • A list of teaching-related courses you have taken here or at other universities. Include a copy of the syllabus for all teaching-related courses you have taken and the grade you received in those courses. Some courses are considered equivalent to GRAD 8101; click here for information.
  • A list of courses you have taught and teaching-related activities in which you have participated.
  • A copy of a syllabus that you have developed for a course you have taught or you hope to teach in the future. For guidance developing a syllabus, see our Syllabus Tutorial.
  • A curriculum vitae.
  • A teaching philosophy. See our Teaching Philosophy Tutorial.

If you have questions, contact the GRAD 8200 "Practicum for Future Faculty" instructor or the PFF coordinator, Bill Rozaitis (

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