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Surviving Group Projects

What’s in this for you?

Better teamwork on projects. Fewer hassles.

You want your student teams to succeed on their course-based group projects while simultaneously developing teamwork skills. If you’re like most faculty though, you don’t have time to design and teach all of the group process pieces, so we’ve done the initial work for you. delivers research-based teamwork strategies and tools that you can assign or modify for students. The result? They work better together on their group projects.

Why a teamwork site?

In a word, demand.

At the Center for Educational Innovation, we often hear that group projects are unpleasant for most people involved. (Hence, the Zombie Apocalypse comparison.) At the same time, the ability to work well in teams is frequently cited as a skill employers seek (AAC&U, 2013), suggesting a genuine need for a resource that supports and teaches effective team functioning. To that end, this site is designed to facilitate explicit student discussions about how their team will work together, manage conflict, and get their project done well and on-time.

Who is this site for?

Your students. Any level. Any discipline.

First year students can establish a foundation of good teamwork skills to build upon throughout their academic career. The site also provides students who may be unfamiliar with U.S.-based expectations for teamwork with a starting point from which to navigate. Others, including graduate and professional students, may find the modifiable forms and assessments useful for their team projects.

What’s on the site? Six simple steps.

Backed up by tools & videos.

  • Steps to Success with instructions for the recommended teamwork strategies.
  • Downloadable and customizable team development and project management forms.
  • Downloadable and customizable self-, peer-, and team assessments.
  • 2-3 minute videos modeling team processes or addressing problems.

How can I use it in my courses?

You choose

  As a supplemtent Customized as needed Fully integrated
Provide website as a resource
Assign forms for points
Demonstrate how to use forms in class   ?
Present and discuss videos in class   ?
Present the six steps in class   ?

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