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Attendance requirements and penalties (if any)

Are there attendance requirements for your class? If so, spell them out in your syllabus and include what penalties students will incur if they don't adhere to your attendance policy.


You must be present to do well in this course.  Attendance is required at each class session.  Quizzes will begin at 3:35 and you will not receive extra time to complete the quiz if you are late. If you need to miss class for legitimate excuses: illness (yours or your dependent), medical conditions related to pregnancy, participation in intercollegiate athletic events, subpoenas, jury duty, military service, bereavement, and religious observances, contact me prior to missing class or as soon as possible.  You should plan on getting the information about the missed class from a classmate.  I may require students who miss more than one class, or significant portions of more than one class, to do additional work. - a pharmacology course

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