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Catalog information

Catalog information to include: course name, department, number, meeting time, meeting place, and credits

 In addition to the above items, consider including a brief description of your course. Can you  capture the essence of your course in a single core statement?  Getting down to the most important concept of your course is a way to help clarify your goals for the class for both the students and you.  Below are a few examples of course core messages.

  • Things change; change accumulates - a calculus course 
  • How can we feed the world without destroying it? - a course about the global environment and food system
  • Listen to your gut, then think systematically - an ethics course 
  • Use evidence to drive your teaching decisions - an education course
  • Designers are gods not janitors - a design course
  • The synapse is the gateway to the nervous system - a pharmacology course

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