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Exam Retakes and Coursework Resubmission

Policy for making up missed exams and grading late work

Will you allow students to retake an exam or re-submit an assignment in order to improve their grade? A policy which allows students to retake exams or rewrite assignments usually has a positive effect on student learning. The disadvantage of such a policy, however, is that it requires additional work to create and grade alternative exams or assignments.

If you allow students to retake exams or rewrite assignments in order to improve their work in your class, you should include a policy statement in your syllabus which answers the following questions:

  • How many times can a student retake an exam?
  • Will the retake(s) be given at a set time (e.g., one week after the first exam)?
  • How will the final grade be assigned? i.e. Will you average the grades of the two exams, take the better of the two grades, take only the second grade, or have another method?

If you decide that you will allow students to retake an exam or resubmit an assignment, this offer must be extended to all students and should be included in your syllabus.



If you are disappointed in your performance on an examination and wish to study some more and improve your mastery of the material, you may take an alternative examination on the same material. If your performance on the second examination is better than that of the original examination, the new grade will replace the old one. If the new grade is worse, the old grade will stand. You can take as many alternate exams as you wish. There are no alternative forms for the quizzes.

- Eric Klinger, Psychology 3400 (Morris Campus)

Instructors, guided by the policies of their department, set their own rules and regulations for late work. State whether or not late work will be accepted and clearly define any penalties for late work.


All assignments must be submitted to me by 5 p.m. on the stated date. Late work will be penalized one grade notch (e.g., B- to C+) for each day it is late. The weekend counts as one day.

- an education class

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