The CEI collaborates across the University to advance effective teaching and engaged learning.

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The CEI supports faculty, instructors, and academic leaders as they design innovative curricula, explore research-based pedagogies, and create high quality learning environments online and in person.

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New Accessibility Site

Explore the University's new accessibility site and learn how you can improve usability for all.

Minnesota eLearning Summit

Proposals are being accepted through March 10th for this year's conference, which is cosponsored by the University. Learn more.

Save the date!

The biennial Academy of Distinguished Teachers conference will take place on April 27, 2017 in the McNamara Alumni Center.

Mistakes Happen: Episode Two

Have you ever planned a class session and thought, "This is really going to really engage my students"--only to see those plans fail? See how one professor responded in this latest episode of our Mistakes Happen: Confessions about Teaching by College Professors video series.

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Facilitating Inclusive Learning (Feb. 23)

Homework That's Not Busywork (March 3)

English Pronunciation for Academics: Emphasis (March 6)