The Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) collaborates across the University system to advance effective teaching and engaged learning. CEI is a centrally funded, systemwide resource that partners with central and academic units at each campus to support the University of Minnesota’s teaching mission.

Every campus and college has a CEI liaison and the entire staff is here to help. To explore your goals and questions, initiate a conversation with us to discuss possible next steps, and determine how CEI and our UMN partners can best support your needs related to teaching, curricula, and online programs.

Overview of what we do to enact our mission:

  • Leadership: We advocate for evidence-informed, effective teaching and engaged learning at all levels and across the University system.
  • Partnerships: We seek and foster partnerships at all levels to support effective teaching, engaged learning, and campus/college/department initiatives. 
  • Effective Teaching and Engaged Learning: We promote curriculum, pedagogy, and a selection of academic technologies that support student learning and are aligned with Inclusive Design.
  • Innovation: We advance a culture of scholarly, evidence-based, and reflective experimentation to improve student learning in all instructional formats for the University’s teaching community.
  • Educational Research and Evaluation:  We conduct research and disseminate innovative, data-driven instructional practices. We support evaluation of outcomes across the University system.
  • Online Programs Strategy and Operations Support: We partner with academic units systemwide and central academic leadership to plan and provide a supportive framework and environment for the creation, enhancement, and administration of engaging, high quality online programs and strategic course offerings.