About CEI

As a systemwide center whose staff has deep pedagogical and curricular expertise, we engage in a variety of ways with academic leaders and all who teach to achieve educational goals that improve students’ learning experiences. The CEI is uniquely prepared to lead and support major strategic educational initiatives that advance the systemwide strategic plan as well as the teaching and learning mission of the University. 

Our mission

The Center for Educational Innovation advances the University of Minnesota’s teaching and learning mission by providing research-informed, transformative, and inclusive leadership in teaching and learning across the University of Minnesota system.

  • We lead and support strategic, institutional educational initiatives that advance the commitments of the systemwide strategic plan, especially around Student Success and Community and Belonging. 
  • We accelerate educational transformation in academic units through long-term change initiatives. We engage at the unit level to anticipate and respond to the changing educational landscape.
  • We partner with academic leaders across campuses, colleges, divisions, and departments to provide expertise, resources, and facilitation that advance educational priorities.
  • We support and partner with those who teach. We offer a range of ways for instructors in the university community to engage with our expertise.

Our current priorities

Student Success

We lead and partner with central administration, colleges/campuses, departments/divisions, and instructors to enhance high quality educational offerings using research-informed practices that drive success for all students and that advance student mental health, inclusion, accessibility, and equity.

Community and Belonging

We accelerate the adoption of research-informed educational practices that improve students’ experiences of community and belonging in their courses and academic programs. We also cultivate community for faculty and instructors through professional learning experiences and courses that foster a sense of belonging.