Alternative Assessments

Here is a list of ideas for developing non-exam alternative assessments to formally assess high-level learning.

Writing projects
  • Add a chapter to a book. 
  • Construct an autobiography of a protagonist’s or antagonist’s life. 
  • Rewrite a constitution. 
  • Design a funding proposal. 
  • Write an editorial. 
  • Write a movie script. 
  • Create a resume/cover letter for a mythical character or a real person. 
  • Author a short story. 
  • Design a contract with relevant data. 
  • Write an essay. 
  • Keep a journal. 
  • Write a memoir. 
  • Write a play script. 
  • Initiate correspondence. 
  • Write a eulogy. 
  • Write a will for a fictional or historical person. 
  • Author a bill of rights. 
  • Write a poem. 
Design projects
  • Design a brochure. 
  • Create a museum display. 
  • Design a flowchart. 
  • Construct a map. 
  • Construct a relief map. 
  • Design a scale model. 
  • Develop a scrapbook. 
  • Design an advertisement. 
  • Create original awards. 
  • Design games/puzzles. 
  • Design and collate a review of books. 
  • Design play scenery. 
  • Design a sculpture that expresses… 
  • Create a time capsule. 
  • Design a children’s book. 
  • Develop a computer program. 
  • Analyze a flag and create a design that expresses contemporary issues. 
  • Create rules of etiquette.
  • Design scientific equipment. 
  • Invent song lyrics. 
  • Create a timeline.
Media projects
  • Document an oral history. 
  • Create a photo display. 
  • Design a poster. 
  • Create a collage. 
  • Paint a mural. 
  • Use a musical instrument to express… 
  • Use painting/drawing to express… 
  • Report current events as a news show. 
  • Develop a podcast.
  • Design a diorama. 
Research projects
  • Develop a chart. 
  • Design and implement a survey. 
  • Research a family tree. 
  • Graph data. 
  • Outline a research paper. 

Adapted from: Wlodkowski, R. J. & Ginsberg, M. B. (1995) Engendering Competence. In Diversity and Motivation: Culturally Responsive Teaching. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, pp. 250-52.