Instructional Media Production

Our instructional media production designer supports impactful initiatives that advance teaching and learning goals at University of Minnesota. Because CEI is a centrally funded unit, there is no additional cost to you regardless of the level of engagement you seek. 

Contact our instructional media producer, James Ondrey to start a collaboration.

Online interactive instructional modules

We produce online interactive instructional modules in the form of short courses, programs, or training exercises, which often times impact institutional wide priorities and audiences. 

Project samples:

Video production

We produce video that supports institutional priorities and promotes educational innovations.

Project samples:

NOTE: To produce videos for your courses, contact Academic Technology Support Services' Academic Video Production.

How our expertise can support your instructional media needs

You as the subject matter expert and project owner can meet with the instructional media designer to determine your project's purpose, goals, and desired outcomes. The instructional media designer will partner with you throughout the production process, which may include the following stages and elements.

Planning and Designing
  • Identifying purpose and learning goals
  • Selecting media appropriate for meeting learning goals
  • Preparing production design based on media choice and content
  • Storyboarding and asset gathering 
  • Establishing review process and key stakeholders
  • Developing necessary artifacts
  • Producing desired media object based on planning
  • Sharing production progress for feedback and review
  • Hosting desired media object in appropriate location
  • Creating necessary shortcuts to media
  • Establishing protocol for future updates