Assessment Deep Dive


During the week of 13 May 2024, this 5-day synchronous, 9am – noon, Zoom-based seminar will include discussions, guest presentations, and work time to support instructors in (re)designing a comprehensive course assessment plan based on course learning aims.  

Each morning session includes two segments:

  • The 9-11 am time will be focused on discussion and guest presentations, with participants reviewing key resources ahead of the session as preparation for discussing effective practices for designing, responding to, and evaluating inclusive, accessible assessments, and address practices that foster academic integrity – and we’ll incorporate Generative AI, as well as a break, into some part of each day’s session.
  • On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we will incorporate 50 minutes of individual work time before a brief wrap up/what’s next segment. During this 11-11:50 am time period, participants may opt to work on their assessment planning alone, with peers, and/or in consultation with session facilitators.
  • Work time on Monday and Friday will be devoted to individual 1-1 conversations so that each participant will have a chance to focus with a Deep Dive co-facilitator on their own specific goal for and insights from the week. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants in this seminar will work to create course assessments that 
    • leverage backward course design, such as the 4A’s framework of Atmosphere, Aims, Activities, and Assessment that grounds this seminar,
    • are transparent in conveying core purpose(s) as well as identify required criteria, skills to be demonstrated and tasks to be completed for a target audience,
    • incorporate student learning activities that support practice in and application of skills that students will be required demonstrate in completing required assessments, and
    • reflect principles, practices, and policies integral to Teaching with Access and Inclusion.


Registration is open system-wide to full-time University instructors, with a limited number of openings also for graduate students who are teachers of record for at least one class during the Fall 2024 semester.

Please complete the application form by 4pm on Tuesday, April 30th.  We’ll send acceptance notifications on Monday, May 6th.

You may email Ilene Alexander ( with questions about the May 2024 Assessment Deep Dive Seminar.


Email Ilene Alexander ( for more information.

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Topics and Schedule

This series meets from 9 am until noon on May 13 - 17. 

Day 1 – Assessment and Course Design, followed by 1-1 conservations focused on individual contexts goals for the seminar. 

Day 2 - Participants will begin developing a comprehensive assessment plan.

Day 3 - Participants will explore ways of (and why/how to) design inclusive, accessible assessments that promote academic integrity.

Day 4 - Participants will address “grading for growth” and “feedback literacy” as framework for assessment practices that include peer, teacher, and self-assessment feedback, along with marking and evaluation.

Day 5 – Wrapping Up, followed by 1-1 conversations to address individual’s next steps in assessment planning.


Ilene Alexander ( and Mary Jetter (, Center for Educational Innovation, with guest instructors as co-facilitators throughout the week.

Accessibility & Accommodation Requests and General Questions

Accessibility & Accommodation Requests

Please let us know what accommodations or access needs can we help facilitate so that we can set up Deep Dive sessions that are inclusive to you. To help us learn about and plan for accommodations or access needs, we would appreciate an email message sent to the Center for Educational Innovation (, and to the Deep Dive facilitator ( Sending your email two weeks ahead of the Deep Dive start (29 April) will help us to provide seamless access.


Email Ilene Alexander ( with your questions or requests for more information.