Student Feedback Facilitation

We work with you to collect clear, actionable, and confidential feedback from students on classroom instruction or curriculum.

Facilitated Feedback

One of our consultants will visit your class to facilitate a discussion with students to gather consensus-based feedback that you want and need. Prior to visiting your class, the consultant will work with you to customize the questions based on what you want to know.


After reviewing the feedback to discern and prioritize themes, the consultant works with you to identify changes that will further support student learning.


Ideally, the Student Feedback Facilitation is scheduled after your students have received feedback on an assignment and 1-2 weeks before the midpoint of your course.

While this requires between 15-25 minutes of class time, most instructors and students find that the value of prioritized feedback far exceeds the cost of sacrificed class time.


Schedule your feedback session. Please include the days/times/location your course is offered and 2 preferred dates for collecting feedback in your class.