Teaching Assistant and Postdoc Professional Development Program

The Teaching Assistant and Postdoc Professional Development Program (TAPD) offers graduate students and postdocs formal recognition for investing in teaching-related professional development. After successfully completing the required elements of the program, you'll receive a formal letter of recognition from the Center for Educational Innovation and the option of accepting a digital badge.

Program Requirements


Attend a total of six webinars or workshops over a two-year period and track your attendance and learning using this Tracking Log document. (Tip: make a copy of the Google document).

    • Workshops must include one from each of the following categories: Learning & Learners, Course Design, Delivery Strategies, and Assignments and Assessments in addition to two electives.
    • Workshops are offered throughout the academic year. Use the full list of workshops and CEI's events calendar to chart your own plan.

Capstone Activity

After you have attended the six webinars or workshops, send your Tracking Log to Janelle Nivens along with your choice in capstone activities. You will receive additional directions based on the capstone activity chosen.

    1. Student Feedback Facilitation if you are currently teaching, or
    2. Teaching observation with consultation if you are currently teaching, or
    3. Written reflective essay (2-3 pages) using these writing guidelines

    NOTE: If you are currently teaching, you are strongly encouraged to opt for a teaching observation or student feedback facilitation. 


    Letter of Recognition

    Upon completion of the program, you will receive a signed letter of recognition from the Center for Educational Innovation.

    Digital Badge TAPD Digital Badge

    In addition to the letter of recognition, you have the option of accepting the TAPD badge which is part of the Graduate School’s Digital Badging initiative. Instructions on how to accept the badge will be sent in an email with the letter of recognition.


    Contact the program lead, Janelle Nivens.