Teaching Assistant and Postdoc Professional Development Program

This program offers graduate students and postdocs formal recognition for investing in teaching-related professional development. After successfully completing the required elements of the program, you'll receive a formal letter of recognition from the Center for Educational Innovation.

Here's how to complete the program:

  • Register for the program.

  • Attend a total of six workshops over a two-year period and track your attendance and learning using this Tracking Log document.
    • Workshops must include one from each of the following categories: Learning & Learners, Course Design, Delivery Strategies, and Assignments and Assessments in addition to two electives.
    • Workshops are offered throughout the academic year. Use the full list of workshops and CEI's events calendar to chart your own plan.

NOTE: If you are currently teaching, you are strongly encouraged to opt for a classroom observation or student feedback facilitation.